Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery

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Cataract is the clouding of the eye’s lens and can lead to blurry or cloudy vision. It usually occurs as people age but can also be affected by the environment a person is around. There is treatment to correct cataract in the form of surgery. Cataract surgery is an effective way to correct the vision and has a high success rate. More recently, Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery (LACS) has become a popular option in correcting cataracts.

What is Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery?

Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery involves using a laser to either assist or replace the use of hand-held tools when perform cataract surgery. Currently, there are two popular lasers being used in the industry by Abbott Medical Optics (AMO) & Alcon.

The CATALYS® Precision Laser System by AMO offers: 

  • LIQUID OPTICS Interface, gentle docking with minimal intraocular pressure rise and clear optics for excellent imaging and laser delivery
  •  INTEGRAL GUIDANCE System – proprietary 3D Full Volume Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and automated surface mapping algorithms that guide laser delivery
  • Precise capsulotomies within 30µm
  • Complete segmentation and softening of the cataract with adjustable grid sizing
  • Multiple corneal incision centration options that are based on anatomical landmarks

The LenSx® Laser by Alcon offers:

  • Enhanced procedure automation
  • Precise and customizable incision architecture
  • Pristine capsulotomies
  • Versatile fragmentation patterns
  • Simple and efficient one-piece patient interface
  • Innovative, high-definition OCT technology

What can a patient expect to pay for LACS?

It is important to know that LACS is not covered by your medical insurance company. This means choosing this type of cataract surgery would involve paying Out-Of-Pocket and would be more expensive than traditional cataract surgery.

In conclusion, both types of surgeries are effective and precise whether a patient chooses the traditional cataract surgery or the laser assisted cataract surgery.

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